Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cutting, Sanding, Painting, Oh My!

Much finishing is underway. Freezing temperature and sunny days, cutting trim, sanding trim, priming trim, painting trim. Drywall is nearly complete after which a massive cleaning session will ensue. We have the illusion of a bathroom sink - it's exact installation method yet to be decided. A tile floor in the upstairs bath, though a little wonky, will keep our tootsies warm with thermostat controlled radiant heat coils. The shower stall is tiled and looks incredible. Both bathrooms are the furthest along of all the spaces and hopefully soon a toilet will be installed. More updates to come soon I hope!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting Caught Up

Well the holidays have long since passed us by but I am still trying to get caught up on life and therefore posting to this blog. Work on the house sure hasn't slowed a bit. We're well under way into the finishing phase.

The drywall is all up and nearing completion. We're bring in a crew to get it done and ready for painting. We're discussing trim options and picking colors for the walls.

We recently had a shipment of floor tile arrive for the upstairs bathroom and have finished the platform for the claw foot tub to sit on. Piper and I began tiling the shower stall yesterday and it looks amazing. I know folks are eagerly awaiting more updates, so I promise to work on getting some more photos posted soon!