Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grand Indeed..

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and the help of a friend to drive out to Currents this afternoon. We loaded the incredibly heavy soap stone sink and our vintage gas range into the truck as well as the snorkel stove and metal rings that once circled the silo. These treasures have been stowed away for the last year and we have been eagerly awaiting to bring them to the house.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Productive One Year Anniversary...

I spent another day on my knees scraping, sanding, scrubbing, vacuuming and mopping floors. Once the water gets turned on, it will make cleaning a little easier, but the upstairs bathroom is looking amazing. It is definitely my favorite room in the house.

Piper and I assembled the pantry shelving for the kitchen yesterday and today he finished painting it and we set into place. Bob will be coming early this week to start building the cabinets and the kitchen is really going to start to transform.

Piper did a little work on the vintage fridge this afternoon, a treasure that once belonged to his grandmother Dorothy. He updated some crumbling wires and gave it a new power cord. We plan to give it a sandblast and a fresh coat of paint as well as update the compressor.

I realized this morning that this month marks one year since we broke ground on the house. It's hard to believe its been that long and we're really coming close to being able to move in. Here's to the home stretch!


Though it will still be a little while until the "after" is revealed, here's a sneak peek at the "before". This vintage 3-bay soapstone beauty is one of our earliest and most amazing finds. Piper actually gave this sink to me as a Christmas present a few years ago, and though it was kind of like getting a vacuum cleaner from your partner, I appreciate it now more than ever and can't wait to see it in our kitchen.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eye Candy

Two of my favorite things to ogle in our new house: the reclaimed floors (that I spent hours cleaning today) and the antique pantry cupboard we bought at auction last fall. (Inspiration for the rest of the kitchen)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kitchen Prep

What a beautiful day to start working on the kitchen! With help from Bob, longtime friend and mentor, Piper cut and prepped the finish wood for the kitchen cabinets out at Bob's shop. I took advantage of the great weather to take an extended lunch to Toad Hall to say hi and check in on the progress. Piper will be out again tomorrow and they'll bring the pieces down to the site to start assembly.

I can't wait to snap photos of the antique cabinet we have already moved into the space, -- a gem I found at auction last year. We're designing the rest of the cabinets around this piece and it has already given such character to the house.