Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Random Smattering of Progress

Holy crap it's starting to look like a real house! Almost all the painting is done, all the trim is cut, painted and nearly installed, we have lights, a ceiling fan and even a railing! It's amazing to look back and think that just a few months ago we still had straw sticking out everywhere.

As the finishing process continues, we're starting the mega task of cleaning up the space. So much sawdust, mud and drywall dust linger everywhere and I'm finding it hard to believe it will ever get clean!

The bedrooms are days away from being completely finished and the bathrooms are also well on there way. Piper and I started grinding down the outside of our claw foot tub with a wire wheel to get ready for painting. The cast iron beauty was given to us by our good friends Ron & Jill and I can't wait to get it installed.

The bottom photo shows a preview of a built-in unit in the 2nd floor bathroom which conceals a laundry shoot and linen closet. We used the leftover redwood flooring for the facade and the door will have a lengthwise mirror on the front.

The twin sets of french doors which separate the living room from the rest of the house were installed after a fresh coat of paint and new hinges, and now sport painted trim. I can barely keep up with all the progress that's been happening - but here's to trying to keep up with photography!

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