Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

Today saw some exciting updates and one exciting blunder. Barbara Jean, our washing machine, was nestled sweetly into her new home. We moved a mattress into the house and look forward to our first sleepover. The exterior trim is all installed and touched up, and next week, the gutters will be installed weather permitting.

The end of day saw a a mega mess when an entire gallon of paint accidentally overturned underneath the industrial cart on the porch. I was proud of the two of us, for reacting quickly and calmly. It was too funny really to get upset over, and at least it happened on the muddy porch and not the redwood floors! We were able to scrape up the paint and after spraying it down with the house, there is not a trace of blue.

I've started moving in a few things here and there. Starting first and foremost with my shoes, because, well, I have priorities. We're going to really get going on the moving in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, a plant, a chair, some rugs and curtains, really do a lot for starting to make this feel like a home.

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  1. congratulations, it looks amazing. I loved seeing all the progress through your pictures.